A Question of Order

I’ve been considering whether to add poems by order of the date they were written, but it occurs to me I botched that idea by launching the site with a brand new piece. To carry that forward my subsequent posting was from 1998, long after I’d written so many god-awful pieces of teenage angsty crap. I’m going to continue with the 1998 models for now, though in no particular order except as they strike me. In case you’re wondering, yes, it’s simply that these are the poems I have most easily accessible to me right now, but as I dig out the older ones from the forbidden suitcase in which they are locked, I’ll be sure to post them here as well.

My plan for posting is actually rather simple: One old poem per day, and if the opportunity for a newer one strikes then I’ll go ahead and post that too. Luckily I don’t hate my fellow man enough to devote much effort to new poetry, so count yourself lucky. In the morning, we begin!

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