A Relationship stolen

I wanted to be his father,

For two years I loved him, felt the warmth of his little body in my arms

The beautiful smile the shine in his eyes when he looked at me,

His first birthday was a joy in my heart, he smeared frosting on my nose and we both laughed,

Our first Christmas was heaven as I watched his tiny fingers try to open the gift wrap,

The glow of Happiness I saw in his face

I wanted to be his father and see him grow,

I wanted to be his father and share in his glow,

His first day of school I wanted to know

I wanted to be his father as he grew up

But I didn’t get to be the father he knew,

He was stolen by his mother, with hatred inside

She told him I didn’t love him and filled him with lies.

A relationship stolen I had no control, my heart has been broken, I want him to know,

I wanted to be your father.

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