Bring It On Down

Bring It On Down

She emerged from the darkness
A place she called home
Though bleak in its starkness
She’d never dared roam
Yet she wanted to run
And she needed to cry
To escape his prison, feel the warmth of the sun
To run up invisible steps, steps to the sky

But she couldn’t say a word
When he raised his hand; no sound,
Neither cracked flesh, nor cries—her voice unheard
When he’d bring it on down
She hid her bruises, and said it’s okay
‘Mama, he loves me, he tells the whole town,’
Though I’m not worth lovin’, a voice in her’d say
As he tightens a fist and brings it on down

There’s a beat of a wing on the air and she hears
A moment he’s gone
She closes her eyes and the tears
Flow, and she’s taking that flight
She jumps through the window, away from her fears
Because she knows: tonight is the night
To bring it on down, down

After she’s flown a-way
Once the coupe’s left behind, she breathes the free air
She just wants to stay
Safe; away from his eyes and their a-ccusing stare
But he’s in her mind
And it just isn’t fair
She hears him all the time
A thousand miles away, and he’s right there

Then a whisper through her windows
A call on the phone
A fami-liar tingle and her hair blows
She wishes her heart was stone
‘Cause even with all that she knows
She’s going back to him
The bruise no longer shows
He says it’ll be different and so
He’ll raise his hand up, and bring it on down
She sees that it’s comin’, but she can’t say no

Familiar is comfort, and she aches for him
To bring all the discord
And shatter the rhythm of living.
She knows she’s broken, that everything’s wrong
He’ll raise his fist in cacophonous song
All her insecurities singing along
He’ll bring it on down for sure
Then she’ll fall down, down, down


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