About Us!

A long, long time ago in a little town (by California standards, anyway) called Fontana, two cousins shared their teenage years in angst-riddled teenagerness. During this time, both had hiccups-some real and some merely perceived-in their home lives, and during this time they were lucky enough to come under the care and love of the world’s greatest grandparents, John and Iris. There were ups and there were downs, as is always the case with angst-riddled teens whose passions and creativity threaten to burst them at the seams, but all in all it worked out pretty well.

And part of that story is told by Poetry. Now, let’s just be honest here, this really was not the world’s greatest poetry, but it’s poetry nevertheless and can be safely described as fueled and filled with passion, emotion, intensity, and through this poetry was forged a strong friendship. These two cousins, Shawna and Jason, used to write and share and critique and dream and talk and bitch and complain, and so on, and life was pretty good.

As the years went by and time drove us all to our varying corners of the continent, much of this was pushed into a box and, while not forgotten, was at least relegated to the slush pile of familial history. Well, as with all things, it’s back, and this time we’re going to share it with the whole damn world, their pain and suffering be gosh darned to golly-gee heck! This site, our shared Poetic Hell, will become the new home of all that came before and who knows, maybe even some shoddy new work as well.

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  • Helen Taylor

    les see it! : )