Where did I go


Where did I go,

Locked deep inside

Pain hurts so much

I just had to hide

I used to laugh

And have a great time

I had lots of friends

And lots of sunshine

Now I’m alone with just me inside

Lonely and sad

And locked deep inside

Missing myself

In search of me

Trying to let out, the hurt that trapped me

I want my laugh back

Where can it be?

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Little Boy Lost

His name was Brandon

His hair curly blonde and his eye’s full of blue,

He came into our lives’ so little and new,

He grabbed at our hearts we all loved him too,

But he wasn’t ours to keep but just for a while,

He lived in our home and stayed a long while

We loved and we laughed and we had a good time,

This little boy lost was gone in due time.

He went home to his mother where he wanted to be,

He left a hole in the middle of me,

But I’m happy to have the time he spent here,

And In my heart he will always be,

Sometimes I wonder,

Does he remember me?

Little boy lost where are you now.

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A Relationship stolen

I wanted to be his father,

For two years I loved him, felt the warmth of his little body in my arms

The beautiful smile the shine in his eyes when he looked at me,

His first birthday was a joy in my heart, he smeared frosting on my nose and we both laughed,

Our first Christmas was heaven as I watched his tiny fingers try to open the gift wrap,

The glow of Happiness I saw in his face

I wanted to be his father and see him grow,

I wanted to be his father and share in his glow,

His first day of school I wanted to know

I wanted to be his father as he grew up

But I didn’t get to be the father he knew,

He was stolen by his mother, with hatred inside

She told him I didn’t love him and filled him with lies.

A relationship stolen I had no control, my heart has been broken, I want him to know,

I wanted to be your father.

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