Contiguous Collection of Consistent Contradictions

The light shines from the radiant page
The battle-cry of the textbook, crumpled pages
Marked and marked and marked for more lucid moments.

Tales told and echoed through time
Consideration of the eyes and thoughts and sentiments unseen
Who wept and cheered and laughed and bore horror’s torment.

Prose that winds the page like a coiled snake
Fires set in hearts a century apart, joined in feeling
Yet split by a clock do minds twirl and race and excite by others long since dead

And thunder dwells ‘neath breast and nipple
Never tamed, but for this fire inside, passed not by seed but word and deed
Alight! This sweet flame, this fickle bitch, this angry, loving, rich and poor
Beautiful monster inside
Destroyer of the world
Creator of the new
Tyrant and Liberator
Embittered and


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